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(News on 18-Sept-2022) SEMIBRAIN has been featured in several articles: chosun, e4ds

(News on 4-Aug-2022) SEMIBRAIN received an award from Fabless Challenge sponsored by Samsung Foundry and Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Related news can be found: etnews, newspim

(News on 12-Dec-2021) Logic compatible embedded flash memory technology from SEMIBRAIN has been recognized by industry and research partners. More details can be found here.

(News on 8-Nov-2021) SEMIBRAIN collaborates with cutting-edge AI technology partners world-wide. Featured article about this can be found here.

(News on 1-June-2021) SEMIBRAIN TM awarded charge-based Processing-in-Memory (PiM) development contract from Ministry of Science and ICT (max 5,000,000,000 won) along with its partners in academia and industry from 2021 to 2024 (max). Related article can be found here.

Founded in May 2020, SEMIBRAIN Inc is a system semiconductor BIG3 startup funded from the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups from 2021 to 2023 (max 1,000,000,000 won). It provides a logic compatible embedded flash memory (Logic Flash) that does not require any process overhead beyond standard logic process. This is a cost-effective and secure embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM) solution suitable for robust smart edge and IoT devices. Fully functional silicon results have been verified in 65nm and 180nm standard logic processes with good retention margin.


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Headquarter Address: 117 Bundangnaegok-ro Bundang-gu Krafton Tower 4th/5th Floors, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13529, Republic of Korea

Research Center Address: 169 Yeoksam-ro Gangnam-gu Myungwoo Building 4th Floor Room A, Seoul, 06247, Republic of Korea

Email: info@semibraintech.com

Website: www.semibraintech.com